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join the action!

1. send a letter

Help make the push for urgent action on heat!


Download the sample letter and customize the yellow highlighted portions, and send it to your representative Member of the Legislative Assembly.

2. make some noise

Post on social media using the hashtag #619BC 

3. create your own 619

  1. Create a stencil using one of the designs below (one is a negative stencil, the other is a positive stencil).

  2. Buy spray chalk (often available at Dollar stores) as well as some regular chalk.

  3. Sign up volunteers and assign them each area of community and numbers to do. If each person is doing 20 locations then assign as 1-20, 21 -40, etc.

  4. They would use spray-chalk for stenciling on sidewalks, bike lanes, and paths on public property. Using regular chalk they would add a number and slash beside the stencil. So each one would be 1/ 619, 2/619...619/619

  5. You can add website address:  and/or hashtag #619BC

  6. Photograph or video yourself placing stencils and post on various social media.

  7. Email us information and photos of your event.

    * You can also consider notifying local media of your action if you wish.

stencil: how-to

4. find out more about disability justice

Learn about disability justice and the connection to climate change. Work for climate justice not eco-ableism. ​​


Climate Change, Environmental Activism, and Disability

Disability Justice is Climate Justice

5. build community connections

Build community connections to help end isolation. The majority of those who died lived alone. Instead of “check-in” model, work to establish genuine ongoing connections based on interdependence, mutual respect and trust. 

Set up mutual aid. For example, many who might be able to acquire an air conditioner might need assistance setting it up.

How Disabled Mutual Aid Is Different Than Abled Mutual Aid

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